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Grux vs Khaimera Cinematic - Lighting in UE5

After making the character's sheets and some cinematic shots of Grux and Khaimera, I really wanted to put them fighting against each other. I wanted to make it more dramatic, so I decided to put the fight in a really late sunset and more exagerated fighting poses. Inspired a bit by Snyder shots :D

The lighting rig is just a Directional Light, a Captured Scene HDRI for Skylight and a ExponentialHeightFog.

Since my PC isn't capable of raytracing, I had to tweak shadows with properties like Contact Shadow Lengths. Everything is dynamic lighting with GI rendered in Lumen. These are HQ Screenshots in real-time environment. Some images are rendered in MovieRenderQueue just for applying a bit of AntiAliasing.

- Grux - Paragon character from Epic Game's Marketplace
- Khaimera - Paragon character from Epic Game's Marketplace
- Quixel Megascans for textures and meshes for environmental objects.
- HDRI from PolyHaven